Displaying the Podcast Track and the Details Tab

You use the podcast track in conjunction with the Details tab to add enhanced podcast features to your podcast. Any Soundtrack Pro multitrack project can include information on how to output the project as a podcast. This podcast-specific information can be viewed and edited by showing the podcast track.

To display the podcast track
  • Choose Show > Podcast Track from the Show pop-up menu in the upper-right corner of the Timeline.

    Figure. Show pop-up menu.

The podcast track appears near the top of the Timeline, just above the audio tracks.

By default, the podcast track appears just below the video track (if you have one in your project) with a single blue podcast marker “region” that spans the entire length of the project.

Figure. Multitrack Timeline showing video track and podcast track.
To make the Details tab active
Do one of the following:
  • Choose Window > Tabs > Details (or press Command-I).

  • Click the Details tab.

To view or enter information for a podcast marker
  1. Select a podcast marker region in the podcast track.

    Figure. Multitrack Timeline showing a selected podcast marker region.
  2. Enter or view the information in the Details tab.