About Exporting

You can export a project to a mono, stereo, or multichannel audio file. You can export all, or selected, tracks, busses, or submixes to either stereo or multichannel audio files, or to groups of mono files. And you can create as many mixes of your project as you like by selecting or muting tracks, busses, and submixes; adjusting controls, effects, and envelopes; and then exporting each version as a separate mix.

The Soundtrack Pro Export dialog includes a variety of post-export actions that can automatically open the exported files in a Final Cut Pro sequence or in File Editor project view, place exported files on new tracks, or export a mix to Motion, Logic, or Waveburner. You can also add your own custom AppleScript actions using the Export dialog.

To streamline your workflow, you can create custom export presets with any combination of exported items, file types, bit depths, sample rates, and post-export actions.