About Exporting Multiple Mono Files

You can select the “Export multiple mono files” checkbox to export a separate mono audio file for each output channel in your multitrack project. If you do this, a separate audio file for each hardware output (jack) is created.

For example, by default, all tracks are routed to Submix 1, and Submix 1 is routed to the Stereo 1, 2 outputs. With this setup, selecting the “Export multiple mono files” checkbox exports two mono files. The letter L is appended to the filename of the left mono file, and the letter R is appended to the right mono file.

Figure. Finder window showing two exported mono files.

If the Output pop-up menu is set to Surround >1-6, six mono files are exported, each with the corresponding code appended to its filename: L, R, C, LFE, Ls, and Rs.

Figure. Finder window showing six exported mono files.

For more information about routing to hardware output jacks, see Connecting Physical Outputs and Setting the Submix Outputs to Surround.