Reviewing and Approving Changes in a Conform Result Project

Once you have a Conform worklist, you can inspect the changes, reviewing the playback in the original, updated, or result projects, and can change and accept choices for each clip individually or multiple clips or groups of clips all at once. The goal is to walk through the changes made to generate the result project and verify that all the clips have been moved into the correct positions and that the correct choices have been made to satisfy the artistic goals for the audio mix. At any time, you are free to accept all the changes made by Soundtrack Pro and finish the conform process.

Filtering Out Unchanged Clips

For many clips, the Position/Duration and Media may be unchanged (the clips were the same in both versions of the project). These show up as “Not Changed” in the Conform worklist. It can be useful to filter out all the unchanged clips so that you can concentrate on reviewing the clips that actually moved or had media changes.

To filter out unchanged clips from the Conform worklist
  • Select the Hide Unchanged checkbox.

    Figure. Conform worklist window showing Hide Unchanged checkbox.
    Figure. Conform worklist window showing Hide Unchanged checkbox selected and results.

Unchanged clips are removed from the worklist. Only clips that have changed remain in the worklist.

Using the Project Selector Buttons

Use the Project Selector buttons to select one of three projects to appear in the main multitrack Timeline. This is helpful if you want to go back to your sound edit (the “original” project) to quickly see where a clip or group of clips was, then go to the result project and preview those same clips to verify that they correctly match the picture. By default, once the Conform process starts, the multitrack Timeline will show the untitled result project, ready for you to review each clip or group of clips in the worklist.

To use the Project Selector buttons to display a project
  • Click the Original, Updated, or Result button.

    Figure. Conform tab showing Project Selector buttons.

The corresponding project appears in the multitrack Timeline.

Grouping Clips in the Conform Worklist

It can be useful to group clips together in the Conform worklist. You can use the Group slider to control how clips are grouped together. When you click clips or groups, the selected clips (or clips in the selected group) are highlighted in the mini timelines.

Figure. Conform worklist showing groups.
To automatically form groups in the worklist
  • Drag the Group slider to the right.

To reduce or remove groups from the worklist
  • Drag the Group slider to the left.

    If you drag the slider all the way to the left, you will remove all groups and you can work with individual clips.

    Sliding the group slider to the right will automatically form groups of clips.

Showing Selected Clips in the Timeline

If the Show Selected Clip in the Timeline button (the magnifying glass zoom button to the right of the project selector) is selected, as clips or groups are selected in the worklist, the main Timeline will scroll and zoom to show the selected group or clips or both.

Figure. Conform tab showing Show Selected Clip in the Timeline button.

Approving Changes and Clips

The objective of this part of the conform process is to work through all of the clips on the worklist and verify that the clips are in the correct position.

It can be useful to start with the clips that have the lowest confidence value. To do this, you can click the header of the Confidence column and sort in ascending order. This way, you’ll get the clips with the lowest confidence at the top. You can then click a clip and see the different options for position/duration and media.

To audition and approve changes and clips in the result project
  1. Select the “Show selected clip in the Timeline” button.

    For details, see Showing Selected Clips in the Timeline.

  2. Click Result in the Project Selector buttons to display the result project in the main multitrack Timeline.

  3. Click a clip in the worklist and audition the clip in the main Timeline of the result project to verify the correct position.

  4. In the Details section, select an option for the clip.

    When you select a clip with more than one position, duration, or media option, the clip will immediately move to that selected location so that you can audition that choice in the main Timeline.

    Figure. Details tab showing clip options and Approve button.

    Note: When the clip moves, any automation that might exist on the track will move with the clip.

  5. Once you are satisfied with your choice, click the Approve button.

    The clip is marked with a green checkmark, indicating that it has been reviewed and approved in the result project.

    Note: The process of reviewing and approving changes is simply a tool to help you go through the worklist of clips.

  6. Optionally, you can select multiple clips or select a group and then click Approve to approve all selected clips.

Filtering Out Approved Clips

Once you have a number of clips or groups that you have approved, you may find it useful to select the Hide Approved filter. With this filter selected, clips will pop off the worklist as you approve them, helping you focus attention on the clips that need to be reviewed and approved.

To filter out approved clips from the Conform worklist
  • Select the Hide Approved checkbox.

    Figure. Conform worklist showing approved clips and Hide Approved checkbox.

Approved clips are removed from the worklist. Only clips that are not approved remain in the worklist.

Finishing the Conform Process

Once you are satisfied that all the clips in the result project are in the correct place, you can click the Finish button to end the Conform process. You are not required to approve every single clip. In fact, the approvals do not change the outcome of the Conform process: the updated project will have all the clips set to their currently selected position, duration, and media regardless of whether the selection is approved or not. The approval process is more of a tool to help you manage your progress through the worklist.

To finish the Conform process
  • Click Finish.

The result is an Untitled project containing the conform results. This project can be saved and edited just like any other project. Typically, you will use this result project for subsequent audio edits in Soundtrack Pro. If more changes are made in Final Cut Pro, the result project from your first conform (plus any edits you’ve made in Soundtrack Pro) can be used as the “Original” project in a subsequent conform process. It will be conformed to an even more recent send from Final Cut Pro.