The Bin tab lists information about items in all open projects. The Bin provides a hierarchical display of projects, their media files, and other information about each item, including duration, timecode, sample rate, Timeline information, and so on. You can drag files from the Bin tab to the Timeline. You can add files to the Bin for easy access at any time. The Bin also features sort and search functions to help you locate an item in any open project.

For more information about the Bin, see About the Bin.

Figure. Bin tab, showing items pop-up menu, columns pop-up window, item list, preview controls, and media pop-up menu.
  • Item list: Displays the files, clips, markers, and podcasts in the currently open projects.
  • Preview controls: Include a Play button, a volume slider, and a “Preview on selection” button. For information on using the preview controls, see Using the Preview Controls.