Recording Tab

The Recording tab is where you edit a track’s recording settings. When you click a track’s Arm for Recording button, the Recording tab appears, displaying the track’s current recording settings. For information on using this tab, see Recording Audio in the Timeline.

Figure. Recording tab.
  • Peak indicator: Shows the highest level reached by the recording input signal. If the level rises above 0 dB, the peak indicator becomes red to indicate clipping.
  • Level meters: Show the input volume for the selected track during recording. Adjust automatically to the number of channels and the channel valence selected in the Input Channel pop-up menu.
  • Input Routing buttons: Use the Input Routing buttons to route the input signal to different channels.
  • Configure Device button: Opens the Audio MIDI Setup utility for adjusting the computer’s audio input and output configuration settings, or setting up software specific to your audio interface.
  • Mute Project checkbox: Select to mute the project during recording, so you hear only the sound being recorded.