Search Tab

The Search tab lets you locate audio files using a variety of criteria. You can perform text searches and search for Apple Loops and other tagged file formats using keywords for instrument, genre, mood descriptors, and other categories. Matching files are displayed in the Search Results list. Once you locate the files you want to use, you can preview them in the Search Results list or drag them to the Timeline. The Search tab has two views, Column view and Button view. For more information, see Search Views.

Figure. Search tab detail showing Column View button, Button View button, Category pop-up menu, Setup button, matches list, keywords list, Scale Type pop-up menu, File Type pop-up menu, and Time Signature pop-up menu.
Figure. Search tab detail showing Search Text field, Nearby Keys button, Search Results list, Media pop-up menu, and Preview controls.
  • Button and Column View buttons: Change the view to either Button or Column view. Column view (shown above) features a Keywords list containing keywords and a Matches list with subcategories you can use to refine your searches. Button view (shown below) displays a matrix of keyword buttons you can click to see matching files.
    Figure. Button view of Search tab, displaying Keyword buttons.
  • Setup button: Displays the Search Setup dialog, from which you add items to the Search database.
  • Keywords list (Column view only): Displays files matching the keyword in the Results list, and displays subcategories in the Matches list.
  • Matches list (Column view only): Displays subcategories of the selected keywords.
  • Keyword buttons (Button view only): Displays files matching the keyword in the Results list.
  • Search Text field: Type text in the field to display matching files whose filename or path contains the search text.
  • Nearby Keys button: Restricts search results to keys within two semitones above or below the project key.
  • Search Results list: Displays the files matching the selected search criteria, in alphabetical order. Includes columns displaying the tempo, key, and number of beats of each file. You can click files to preview them.
  • Preview controls: Include a Play button, a volume slider, and a “Preview on selection” button. For information on using the preview controls, see Using the Preview Controls.