Project Tab

This tab contains controls and information for the currently active project as well as any metadata (tags) associated with the project.

Figure. Project tab.
General Project Information

Displays general information about the project.

  • Created: Displays the creation date.
  • Modified: Displays the modification date.
  • Size: Displays the file size.
  • Path: Displays the path where the selected file is located.
  • Sequence Name: If the project was sent from Final Cut Pro, this displays the name of the Final Cut Pro sequence from which the project was originally sent.

These menus allow you to adjust audio and video playback.


Displays various properties of the project.

Figure. Properties area of the Project tab.
  • Length: Displays the length, or duration, of the project.
  • Sample Rate: Displays the sample rate of the project.
  • Initial Timecode value slider: Use this slider to set the timecode for the first frame of the project. For more information about value sliders, see About Changing Values and Timecode Entries.
Project File Management

Use these controls to set project preferences for file saving and media management. These controls are available for multitrack projects only. For more information, see Saving Multitrack Projects.

Figure. Project File Management area of the Project tab.

Use this area to add metadata to your project or to view your project’s metadata. If you export this project to certain output formats (such as a podcast), Soundtrack Pro passes through the metadata to the target output file. Metadata categories include Name, Copyright, Origination Date, Keywords, and so on.

Figure. Project metadata area of the Project tab.
iXML Metadata

Displays iXML fields and corresponding values in a table format. For more information about the iXML metadata specification, see the iXML website at

Figure. iXML metadata area of the Project tab.
Music Settings

Use the controls in this area to set music properties (including tempo, time signature, and key) for the currently active project. Tempo, time signature, and key are important for projects set to Beats-based format. For projects set to Time-based format, you can usually leave the tempo, time signature, and key properties at their default settings. For more information, see Setting Project Properties.

Figure. Music metadata area of the Project tab.