Effects Tab

You add effects and sends to your project and adjust effect parameters in the Effects tab. When you select a track or a bus in the Timeline or the Mixer, you can add and adjust the following effects and send settings. You can also apply effects to audio file projects.

Figure. Effects tab.
  • Category list: Lists the categories of available effects. Click a category to see the effects for that category in the Effect list.
  • Effect list: Lists the effects in the selected category. Double-click an effect to add it to the track, bus, or submix.
  • Add Effect (+) button: Adds the selected effect to the current effects chain.
  • Remove Effect (-) button: Removes the selected effect from the current effects chain.
  • Effect Parameters area: Displays the parameters for effects in the current effects chain. Click an effect’s disclosure triangle to see its parameters. You can adjust effect parameters using the controls in the Effect Parameters area.
  • Add Send button: Adds a send to the end of the current effects chain for the track. You can add sends only to tracks, not to busses or submixes.
  • Reset Effect button: Resets the selected parameter or group of parameters to the default value (or values).