Project Pane

The project pane is the central “canvas” where you work on your projects in either the multitrack Timeline or the File Editor project view. Use the Timeline (shown below) to arrange audio clips in multitrack projects. Use the File Editor project view for individual audio file projects.

Figure. Project pane showing tabs, Toolbar, Monitor volume slider, Mono Mix button, Playhead Location value slider, Transport controls, and Selection Length value slider.
  • Tabs: You can switch between any projects open in the Timeline or File Editor project view.
  • Toolbar: Includes tools for common functions. You can customize which tools appear in the Toolbar.
  • Monitor Volume slider: Adjusts the overall monitor volume when you play the project. The volume level defaults to 0 dB when you create a project. Adjusting the Monitor Volume slider does not affect the mix signal or the export volume.
  • Mono Mix button: Click to listen to a temporary mono mix of the project.
  • Playhead Location value slider: Displays the current playhead position. You can move the playhead by clicking the arrows, dragging, or typing a value.
  • Transport controls: Control playback and the position of the playhead, and turn recording on or off. (For more information, see Transport Controls.)
  • Selection Length value slider: Displays the length of the current Timeslice (in the Timeline) or selection (in the File Editor). You can change the Timeslice or selection length by clicking the arrows, dragging, or typing a value.