Analysis Tab

Use the Analysis tab to analyze audio files for a range of common audio problems, including clicks and pops, hum, and phase issues. You can fix the problems detected by analysis either individually or in a single operation. Selected problems are highlighted in the File Editor waveform display for easy viewing.

Figure. Analysis tab.
  • Analysis Type list: Lists the types of analysis you can select.
  • Parameter list: Some analysis types (Click/Pop and Silence) have parameters you can adjust before analyzing the file. The parameters appear in this list.
  • Analyze button: Click to analyze the file for the problems selected in the Analysis Type list.
  • Analysis Results list: Lists items found by analyzing the file.
  • Clear Fixed button: Removes fixed items from the Analysis Results list.
  • Magnify button: Zooms in on the selected item in the Analysis Results list for as long as you hold down the button.
  • Fix All button: Fixes all items in the Analysis Results list.
  • Fix button: Fixes the selected items in the Analysis Results list.