File Editor

You can edit individual audio files in the File Editor using actions. Actions give you a powerful and flexible way to edit audio files nondestructively using professional audio processing effects and other operations. You can turn individual actions on or off, reorder actions, flatten actions, and compare the project with and without actions. You can also analyze audio files in the File Editor and fix common audio problems, including clicks and pops, hum, and phase problems. The File Editor can take two forms: the File Editor project view, for detailed work on individual audio files, and the File Editor tab, for convenient editing within the context of a multitrack project.

Figure. File Editor window.
  • Waveform editing tools: Include the Selection, Sample Edit, Audio Stretching, and Zoom tools that you can use to graphically edit audio files.
  • Previous and Next Selection buttons: Move back and forward through selections you’ve made in the waveform display.
  • Waveform View and Frequency Spectrum View buttons: Change the display between Waveform view and Frequency Spectrum view.
  • Time display: Shows the current position of the playhead.
  • Global Waveform view: Shows you a miniature view of the entire waveform and the playhead position, and lets you move quickly to different parts of an audio file.
  • Waveform display (and editing area): Shows the waveform of the audio file (or its frequency spectrum in Frequency Spectrum view). You can select parts of the audio file to apply different actions to.
  • Transport controls: Control playback and the position of the playhead, and turn recording on or off. (For more information, see Transport Controls.)
  • Playhead: Shows the part of the audio file currently playing.
  • Monitor Volume slider: Adjusts the overall monitor volume when you play the project. The volume level defaults to 0 dB when you create a project. Adjusting the monitor volume slider does not affect the mix signal or the export volume.
  • Mono Mix button: Click to listen to a temporary mono mix of the project.
  • Playhead Location value slider: Displays the current playhead position. You can move the playhead by clicking the arrows, dragging, or typing a value.
  • Actions tab: Displays the currently applied actions.