Previewing Audio Files

You can preview files in the Bin or any of the media tabs. When you preview files, Soundtrack Pro matches the sample rate of the file to the project sample rate. When you preview looping files, Soundtrack Pro matches their tempo and key to the project tempo and key.

To preview an audio file
  • Select the file in the Bin or any of the media tabs.

    The selected file starts playing. If the project is playing when you preview a file, Soundtrack Pro starts playback of the previewed file on the downbeat of the next measure of the project. You can turn preview playback on and off by holding down Option and pressing the Space bar.

    Figure. Search tab showing a selected audio file.

Audio files tagged as loops play back repeatedly when previewed. You can control the playback of the file being previewed using the preview controls. You can only preview one audio file at a time.

Using the Preview Controls

The preview area at the bottom of the Bin and the media tabs contains controls you can use when previewing audio files.

Figure. Search tab displaying Play button, volume slider, Preview on selection button and Media pop-up menu.
  • Play button: Starts playback of the preview file. If the file is playing, stops playback.
  • Volume slider: Sets the playback volume of the preview file.
  • Preview on selection button: When activated, triggers immediate playback of the selected clip.
  • Media pop-up menu: Choose whether to add the file to Favorites, add to the bin, spot to the playhead, spot to the timeline, open it in the File Editor, or reveal it in the Finder.
To preview an audio file with a project
  1. Click the Play button in the transport controls to play the project.

  2. When the project reaches the point in time where you want to hear the preview file, select the file in the Search tab.

To preview a file without the project (solo)
  1. If the project is playing, click the Stop button in the transport controls to stop playback of the project.

  2. Select the file in the Search tab to preview the file.

You can also preview a video file using the preview controls. For information about previewing a video file, see Playing the Video.

Viewing File and Clip Information

You can view information in the Details tab about audio and video files and clips in the Bin, the media tabs, and the Timeline. When you select a file or clip in the Bin, the media tabs, or the Timeline, the Details tab displays the file path and other information about the item.

Figure. Details tab.

For a complete description of the items listed in the Details tab, see Details Tab and Editing Clip and Track Properties.

Note: The information that is displayed depends on whether or not the file is tagged. Untagged files may not display information for all categories.