Control Surfaces Preferences

These preferences let you specify settings for communicating with attached control surfaces. For information about connecting and using control surfaces, see Using Control Surfaces with Soundtrack Pro.

Figure. Control Surfaces pane of Preferences window.
  • Control Surfaces field: Shows the control surfaces connected to your computer. Channels and banks are assigned to control surfaces in the order they appear in the field, starting from the left.
  • Add and Delete buttons: Add or delete the selected control surface so that Soundtrack Pro no longer connects to it.
  • Previous and Next buttons: Change the order of the selected control surface in the Control Surfaces field.
  • Summary information: Displays information about the selected control surface including type, input port, and output port.
  • Control Surface Buttons button: Click to show the Control Surface Mapping window, where you can assign control surface buttons and other controls to specific commands and operations.