Creating, Opening, and Closing Multitrack Projects

When you open Soundtrack Pro, a new, blank project appears. You can change the default startup behavior in the Preferences window. For information about setting preferences, see Setting Soundtrack Pro Preferences.

To create a new multitrack project
  • Choose File > New > Multitrack Project (or press Command-N).

    A new, untitled project appears. You can name the project when you save it. For information on saving projects, see Saving Multitrack Projects.

To open an existing project
  1. Choose File > Open (or press Command-O).

  2. Optionally, to view only multitrack projects in the dialog, choose Multitrack Document from the File Type pop-up menu.

  3. Locate and select the project, then click Open.

    You can also open a recently open project by choosing it from the File > Open Recent menu, or open a project by dragging it onto the Soundtrack Pro icon in the Dock.

    You can have multiple projects open in Soundtrack Pro and cut and paste between them, but you can only play one project at a time. You can open projects created with earlier versions of Soundtrack and Soundtrack Pro, but you can only save them as multitrack projects (with the extension .stmp).

At any time while you are working, you can close a multitrack project.

To close a project
  • Select the project’s tab in the project pane, then choose File > Close Project (or press Command-W).