Saving Multitrack Projects

At any time while you are working, you can save your multitrack project.

To save your project
  1. Choose File > Save.

  2. In the dialog that appears, enter a name for the project in the Save As field.

  3. Navigate to the folder in which you want to save the project.

  4. Select any of the following checkboxes:

    • Save Compacted: Saves the project without display data, which can save disk space, but the project may take longer to open.
    • Collect Audio Files: Saves a copy of every audio file the project uses to the selected location. This makes it easy to move projects between computers, and ensures that all needed audio files are available for playback. When you select this checkbox, the setting is retained for any subsequent saves. In other words, the File > Save menu option changes to File > Save (Collected), and any new media you add to the project is collected the next time you save the project.

      Note: To play a project on another computer, you must install the audio files the project uses on that computer, or on a disk it can access. If you remove the audio files used in a project so that your computer cannot access them, missing files will not play.

    • Collect Unused Audio Files: Includes media files you have deleted from the project but that remain in the Bin. If you do not want to include these media files, deselect this checkbox.

      Note: Optionally, you can open the Bin, select the audio files you want to remove, then choose Remove Unused from the Media pop-up menu.

    • Collect Video File: Saves the project’s video file in the same folder as the project.
    • Save Edited Media Locally: Saves the project’s edited audio files in the same folder as the project (in a subfolder named Media). If this checkbox is not selected, edited media is saved to the edited media location defined in Soundtrack Pro preferences.

      Note: Multitrack projects are saved as documents with the extension.stmp.

  5. You can optionally click the New Folder button to create a new folder for the collected project.

  6. Click Save to save the project.

    If the folder already contains any of the media files, an alert appears, asking if you want to replace the existing files.

Note: Because video files can be very large, if you save a multitrack project collected (by selecting the Collect Audio Files or Collect Video File checkbox in the Save As dialog), it may take several minutes and may require a large amount of disk space to save the project.