Clip Properties

When you create an audio clip by dragging an audio file to the Timeline, the audio clip has a set of properties. These properties are specific to the clip and can be different for two clips created from the same source audio file. Properties for a selected clip are displayed and can be edited in the Details tab. For more information, see Details Tab.

Figure. Details tab.

Some properties can be changed by editing the clip in the Timeline. For detailed information on editing audio clips, see Selecting Audio Clips in the Timeline. Other clip properties, such as color, can be applied to clips directly. For more information, see Editing Clip and Track Properties.

The name of an audio clip appears on the clip in the Timeline. By default, the entire name appears on the clip if the clip is long enough to display it. You can change the default behavior in the General pane of the Preferences window, so that long clip names are truncated from the center. For information on setting preferences, see Setting Soundtrack Pro Preferences.