Moving Clips

As you work in Soundtrack Pro, you may want to move tracks to new positions. There are several ways to do this: dragging clips, entering timecode values, and using keyboard shortcuts.

Moving Audio Clips

You can move an audio clip in the Timeline by dragging the clip to a new position. You can also move the clip to a different track.

To move an audio clip to a new time position
  • Drag the clip left or right to a new position in the Timeline.

    Figure. Multitrack Timeline showing a clip being repositioned.

    Note: Holding down the Command key while trimming or moving a clip toggles the current snapping state.

To move an audio clip to a new track
  • Drag the clip up or down to a different track.

You can also move an audio clip using the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys with various modifier keys. Using the Command key with the arrow keys moves the clip the default nudge amount; using the Command and Shift keys with the arrow keys moves the clip to the next gridline in the Timeline.

You can lock the horizontal (time) position of an audio clip when moving the clip between tracks in the Timeline. This makes it easy to keep the clip’s start point when moving the clip or copying it by Option-dragging.

If the Timeline is in Select Only Clips mode, envelope points are not moved along with clips. If you wish to move envelope points and clips together, the Timeline must be in Select Envelope Points With Clips mode. For more information, see Selecting and Moving Envelope Points with Clips.

To lock the time position of a clip as you move it between tracks
  • Hold down the Shift key while dragging the clip up or down to a different track.

Moving Clips Numerically

When you want to move clips precisely, you can move them by entering positive or negative timecode values.

To move an item by entering a timecode value
  1. In the Timeline, select the clip item or items you want to move.

  2. Type a relative timecode value for where you want the clip to be positioned.

    For example, type +48 (or simply 48) to move the item 48 frames forward. To move 48 frames backward in time, type -48. When you type a number, a Move field appears at the top of the Timeline.

    Note: Don’t click in the Current Timecode field before you do this, or you’ll move the playhead instead.

Moving Clips with Keyboard Shortcuts

Soundtrack Pro provides a variety of keyboard shortcuts to move selected clips. For more information, see Moving Audio Clips and Envelope Points.

For a complete list of keyboard shortcuts, see Soundtrack Pro Keyboard Shortcuts.