Replacing Audio with Related Files

Once an audio clip is in the multitrack Timeline, Soundtrack Pro provides an easy way for you to access other related audio files from a field recorder or other source. Files that represent the same scene, shot, or take as recorded by multiple microphones are gathered together based on a similar base filename or by the iXML Family UID. iXML metadata is displayed in the Project tab, Details tab, and the Bin. For more information on viewing iXML metadata, see Project Tab, Details Tab, and Viewing and Editing Projects in the Bin. For more information about the iXML metadata specification, see the iXML website at Soundtrack Pro looks for related recordings in the media folder, the location of individual clips, and in the Bin.

You can easily select any related files in the multitrack Timeline on a per clip basis.

To replace a clip with a related file
  • In the Timeline, Control-click the audio file you want to replace, choose Replace with Related File from the shortcut menu, then choose the audio file from the submenu that will replace the selected clip’s audio.

    If the file contains the iXML channel name, it is displayed next to the filename. The full path to the file is shown as a tooltip if you hover over the filename.

    Figure. Replace with Related File shortcut menu.