Timeline Editing Tools HUD

The Timeline includes a handy HUD that provides all of the graphical Timeline editing tools at the stroke of a single keyboard shortcut. This saves you the time and effort of having to move the pointer up to the top of the Timeline whenever you need to select (or deselect) a Timeline editing tool.

To use the Timeline Editing Tools HUD
  1. Press the grave accent key (`).

    The Timeline Editing Tools HUD appears at the pointer location.

    Figure. Timeline Editing Tools HUD.
  2. In the HUD, do one of the following to choose the Timeline editing tool that you want to use:

    • Click the tool’s icon.

    • Press the corresponding number key (1–7, left to right).

    • Use the Left Arrow and Right Arrow keys and press Enter.

    When you have finished using a Timeline editing tool, it is a good idea to immediately return to the default Selection tool.