How Selection Type Affects Actions

The region of media affected by actions and operations in the Timeline is determined by the type of selection:

In Soundtrack Pro, actions and process menu operations are not applied directly to a clip, but to an audio file project Soundtrack Pro creates that is shared by all clips referencing the original source media. This means that you can apply common cleanup operations—such as noise reduction—to a single source media file that is referenced by multiple clips. If you need to apply actions to a single, specific instance of a clip, you must make an independent copy of that clip. For more information, see Making an Independent Copy of a Clip.

Figure. Multitrack Timeline and File Editor before an edit is made.
Figure. Multitrack Timeline and File Editor tab after an edit is made.

If you prefer, you can also double-click a clip in your multitrack project and its media file opens in the File Editor project view, ready for waveform editing. Changes you make to the file are instantly reflected in the multitrack project.