Making an Independent Copy of a Clip

Any time you use multiple instances of the same clip in a multitrack project, the clip refers to the same source media file. This means that any time you modify the media file, all of the clips that refer to the media file are affected. How do you edit just one clip without editing its source media? In cases where you only want to make changes to a single clip, you can make a new copy of the clip’s media file in a new audio file project and link this clip to the new audio file project.

To create a copy of a clip’s media file and link the clip to the new audio file project
  1. Select the clip whose source media file you want to copy.

  2. Control-click the clip in the Timeline, then choose Replace with Independent Audio File Project from the shortcut menu.

    Figure. Multitrack Timeline shortcut menu.

A new Soundtrack Pro audio file project is created that includes a copy of the original audio file. Only media between the clip’s In and Out points is copied, plus handles on either side for later trimming, if necessary.

The new audio file project opens in the File Editor tab and the clip now links to the new audio file project.

Note: The default handle duration is 5 seconds. To adjust the handle duration, go to Soundtrack Pro > Preferences > General.