Using the Multitrack Timeline and the File Editor Together

One of the unique advantages of Soundtrack Pro is the combination of nondestructive waveform editing in the context of a multitrack Timeline. This section focuses on how you can exploit this powerful toolset in your sound editing project.

Making Changes in the File Editor and Hearing Them in the Timeline

When you arrange a multitrack project, you frequently need to edit and adjust individual audio files, and immediately hear the results in the context of the larger multitrack Timeline. You can do this by using the Timeline and File Editor in tandem.

To make changes in the File Editor and hear the results in the Timeline
  1. With the File Editor tab active, select a clip in the Timeline that you would like to adjust.

    The waveform for the clip appears in the File Editor.

    Figure. Multitrack Timeline and File Editor tab.
  2. Make adjustments and edits to the clip in the File Editor.

    For information on making basic edits, see Working in the File Editor. For information on processing effects, see Processing Audio Files. For information on analyzing files, see Overview of Analyzing and Fixing Problems in an Audio File.

    Figure. File Editor tab showing an audio clip.
  3. As you make changes to the clip in the File Editor, the Actions tab records the changes. You can adjust, edit, and reorder the actions as needed.

    Figure. Actions tab.

    For information on using actions, see Working with Actions.

    Note: Any time you apply a command from either the Edit menu or the Process menu, Soundtrack Pro creates an audio file project (.stap) for the source audio file if one doesn’t exist already. Clips that reference the audio source file all have their audio source replaced with that audio file project.

  4. Play the clip.

    Soundtrack Pro plays the clip together with any other active tracks in the Timeline.

  5. Make any other adjustments and edits to the clip in the File Editor (or to the actions in the Actions tab) and play the clip again. Repeat as necessary.

Using the File Editor to Add Part of a File to the Timeline

A common task for sound editors is adding sound effects or ambient clips to a multitrack project. Often you will use one or more small sections from a longer source file. In addition to the normal cut or copy and paste operations used to add part of a file to the Timeline, you can use the File Editor tab in conjunction with the Timeline.

To add small sections of a longer audio file to a multitrack project
  1. Open a multitrack project in the Timeline.

  2. Select a file in the Browser, Search tab, or Favorites tab.

  3. Drag the selected audio file to the File Editor tab.

  4. Select a portion of the audio file in the File Editor tab.

  5. Drag the selection to a track in the Timeline.

There are multiple techniques you can use to spot audio. For more information, see Spotting Clips to the Timeline.

Optionally, you can open the Multipoint Video HUD to give you visual context for spotting the sound effects to the Timeline. For more information about the Multipoint Video HUD, see Scrubbing and Spotting with the Multipoint Video HUD.

Figure. Multipoint Video HUD.