Overview of Analyzing and Fixing Problems in an Audio File

Soundtrack Pro includes a set of audio analysis tools. You can analyze an audio file for common problems and fix them individually or in a single operation.

There are different types of analysis you can perform:

The Power Line Hum, DC Offset, and Phase analysis types determine whether the audio file or selection exhibits these problems. Because hum, DC offset, and phase issues tend to last for long times, up to the entire length of the file, better results might be achieved when analyzing the entire audio file or the part of the file you think has the problem.

On the other hand, the Clicks and Pops, Clipped Signal, and Silence analysis types tend to be momentary and isolated rather than constant. If part of an audio file or selection contains a large number of clicks and pops, for example, the analyzed waveform might display the entire region as being problematic, rather than each individual click or pop. However, when you fix these problems using the Fix button, Soundtrack Pro correctly fixes each individual click or pop.