Zooming In and Out in the File Editor

You can zoom in on a specific part of an audio file to make precise edits and perform other tasks.

To zoom in or out
Do one of the following:
  • Drag the Zoom control left to zoom in for a closer view, or drag right to zoom out for a wider view.

  • Choose View > Zoom In to zoom in one level, or press Command–Equal Sign (=).

  • Choose View > Zoom Out to zoom out one level, or press Command–Minus (-).

If you have a mouse with a scrollwheel connected to your computer, you can set Soundtrack Pro to zoom in or out when you move the scrollwheel. You can select part of the audio file and zoom in on the selected area, zoom in to see individual samples in the waveform, or zoom out to peaks.

To set Soundtrack Pro to zoom the waveform display when you move the scrollwheel
  1. Choose Soundtrack Pro > Preferences.

  2. If the General preferences pane is not visible, click the General button.

  3. In the Timeline section of the General preferences pane, choose “Zooms at playhead” from the Scrollwheel pop-up menu.

To zoom in or out using a scrollwheel
  • Move the scrollwheel up to zoom in, or move it down to zoom out.

To zoom in on a selection
  1. In the waveform display, select the area you want to zoom in on.

  2. Choose View > Zoom to Selection (or press Option–Z).

To zoom in to see individual samples
  • Choose View > Zoom to Samples (or press Control–Z).

    Note: If you have previously zoomed in to a level where individual samples are visible in the waveform display, choosing Zoom to Samples zooms in to the same zoom level.

To zoom out to see the entire waveform
  • Choose View > Fit to Window.

To return to the original zoom level
  • Choose View > Zoom Normal.

You can also zoom in on a selected area using the Zoom tool. For information, see Using the Zoom Tool.

Zooming In and Out of Waveforms

In addition to changing the zoom level of the Timeline, you can also change the relative height of the waveforms displayed in the File Editor without changing the height of the tracks.

To increase the height of waveforms
  • Choose View > Waveform Zoom In, or press Command–Shift–Equal Sign (=).

To decrease the height of waveforms
  • Choose View > Waveform Zoom Out, or press Command–Shift–Minus (-).

To return to the default waveform height
  • Choose View > Default Waveform Zoom (or press Command–Shift–0).