Choosing Processing Effects

The Effects submenu contains an extensive set of professional audio effects you can apply to an audio file or a selection. The audio effects in the Effects submenu are the same as the realtime effects you can apply to tracks, busses, and submixes in the Timeline. For information about individual effects in the Effects submenu, see Audio Effects Included with Soundtrack Pro and the Soundtrack Pro Effects Reference document, available in the Help menu.

The effects included with Soundtrack Pro are categorized by type in the Effects submenu. Below these effect categories is a submenu for Mac OS effects. If you have installed third-party Audio Units effects on your computer, additional submenus for the third-party effects appear at the bottom of the Effects submenu.

When you apply a processing effect from the Effects submenu, the floating advanced settings window for the effect appears. Processing effects windows are nonmodal, allowing you to click a window behind the effects window (for instance, the Timeline or File Editor window) to move the playhead or adjust the selection range.

The advanced settings window contains controls for previewing the effect in the File Editor, bypassing, applying, or canceling the effect, resetting effect parameters, and applying effect presets.

Figure. Window showing advanced settings for the Channel EQ effect, with the Reset, Bypass, and Show/Hide Presets buttons indicated.

For information about the effects in the Effects submenu, see Working with Audio Effects.

For information about applying effect presets in the File Editor, see Working with Effect Presets.