Getting Started with WaveBurner

You assemble CDs in a WaveBurner project. A project contains audio regions and CD tracks, that are created when you add audio files. The audio files appear as regions in the Wave View area. You can edit and arrange regions graphically on two Region lanes, or you can rearrange and edit them in the Regions list.

Tracks are comprised of one or more regions. These are the actual CD tracks that listeners choose with the next and previous or numeric buttons on their CD player.

You can add effects to individual regions, to the overall project, or to both—using the included effects or Audio Units plug-ins installed on your computer. You can edit pauses between tracks and add fade-ins, fade-outs, and crossfades. When your project is complete, you can burn the project to a CD, or export to DDP.

All region and CD track edits, effect plug-ins, and track and index markers are contained in the project. A project can also include CD Text, disc, and mastering information. The project file is actually a Mac OS X package.

Projects do not include the original audio files—only references to file locations on your computer hard disks. This keeps the size of the project file relatively small. The original audio files are not changed when performing edits in WaveBurner.

Note: If you bounce your project, WaveBurner calculates the complete project offline, and renders it to one continuous audio file. The Mac OS X project package resulting from the bounce operation will contain one continuous audio file, the document data, and mastering information.