Creating, Opening, and Saving Projects

The first step in making a CD in WaveBurner is the creation of a new project.

Note: You can set preferences for various aspects of WaveBurner in the Preferences window. Some preferences apply to the current project, and others apply when you create a new project. You may want to set some preferences before you begin working on your projects. See Setting WaveBurner Preferences for details.

To create a new project
  • Choose File > New (or press Command-N).

    A new blank, untitled project document appears. You can name the project when saving it for the first time.

    Tip: Dragging audio files onto the WaveBurner icon in the Finder or Dock creates a new project. The audio files are automatically added to the new project.

To open an existing project
  1. Choose File > Open (or press Command-O).

    Note: You can also choose a recently opened project from the File > Open Recent menu.

  2. Choose the project in the dialog, and click Open.

    Note: You can open old WB 2 (Mac OS 9) files. These are automatically converted to the Mac OS X WaveBurner file format. Saving the file will not overwrite the old WB 2 file, but you should note that files saved in Mac OS X WaveBurner format cannot be opened in Mac OS 9 WaveBurner versions.

To save a project
To save a project with a different name
  • Choose File > Save As (or press Shift-Command-S). Type in the new project name and click Save.

To save a project as a DDP image