Adding Audio Files to a Project

WaveBurner supports the following audio file formats:

Note: Compressed files, in MP3, CAF, AAC (M4A), and .mov formats need to be converted to AIFF files before use in WaveBurner projects. A “Convert to audio file” dialog is shown, allowing you to name, and choose a location for, the file.

Audio files can be mono, split stereo, or interleaved stereo, and can be in any combination of the following sample rates and bit depths:

To add one or more audio files to a project
Do one of the following:
  • Drag the audio files from the Finder into the Regions list or Wave View area.

  • Drag the audio files onto the WaveBurner icon in the Finder or Dock. The files are inserted at the end of the project.

  • Choose File > Import Audio File (or press Command-F), select the audio files you want to use, then click Add.

  • Click the Import button in the upper-left corner of the Regions list, and choose the audio file from the dialog.