Bouncing Regions

When you bounce a region in WaveBurner, the region’s audio, inclusive of level edits, fades, trimming, and the effects of all region plug-ins, are rendered as a new audio file.

Note: Region plug-ins are included when you bounce a region, but Mix plug-ins are not.

To bounce a region
  1. Select the region in the Regions list or Wave View area.

  2. Choose File > Bounce Region.

  3. In the Bounce dialog, browse to the target save location for the bounced file and set the following file options: file format (AIFF, SDII, WAV), bit depth, stereo type (interleaved stereo, split stereo, left channel, right channel), and dithering mode, if applied.

  4. Click Save.

    Depending on the WaveBurner > Preferences > Bounce options, the original region may automatically be replaced with the bounced audio file.

    Note: You can also bounce the entire project by choosing File > Bounce Project. This calculates the complete project offline, and renders it to a single audio file. The bounce file is actually a Mac OS X package containing one continuous audio file, the document data, and mastering info.