Cutting, Copying, and Deleting Regions

You can split a region into two regions. This is useful if you want to remove a portion of a region, or move or copy part of the region to another location in the project.

To split a region
Do one of the following:
  • Choose the Scissors tool and click at the desired region split position in the Wave View area. You can press Command to temporarily switch between the Pencil and Scissors tools.

    Note: Automation mode must be disabled to access the Scissors tool.

  • Click at the desired region split position in the Wave View area, and click the Cut Region toolbar button.

    The region is split in two, and the portion of the region that follows the split point appears in the opposite track lane (upper or lower) in the Wave View area. By default, a track marker is created at the beginning of the new region. Press Option when cutting a region to prevent the insertion of the track marker.

To copy a region
  • Option-drag the region’s icon up or down in the first column of the Regions list.

    As you Option-drag, a horizontal line will indicate the target location for the region copy.

To delete a region
  • Select the region in the Wave View area or Regions list, then choose Edit > Delete or press the Delete key.