Reordering and Moving Regions

Regions are displayed in their order of appearance in the project—from top to bottom in the Regions list, and from left to right in the Wave View area. You can reorder regions in the Regions list.

To reorder region positions
  • Vertically drag the region icon in the left column of the Regions list.

To move a region to a new time position
  • Drag the region to the left or right in the Wave View area. This also moves the region’s markers and all subsequent regions.

To move a region without affecting following region positions
  • Hold Option before selecting and dragging the region. All subsequent region positions are unchanged. The gaps at the beginning and end of the region being moved are changed accordingly.

    When you drag a region to the right, the pause length (the duration between the track start marker and its pause start point) increases. When you drag a region to the left so that it overlaps the previous region, the pause length is set to zero, and fades are automatically added to the moved region (fade in) and the previous region (fade out), thus creating a crossfade in the overlapped area.

    You can adjust crossfade lengths and curves. For information about adjusting crossfades, see Adding and Adjusting Fades.

    Note: The track start marker behavior outlined above only works when you have not manually edited the track start marker (see Automatic Positioning of Track Start Markers).