Trimming Regions

You can trim (shorten) a region by adjusting either (or both) the start and end points.

To trim the start or end point of a region
  1. Move the pointer over the left or right edge of the region.

    The pointer changes to the Resize tool.

    Figure. Wave View area showing a region being resized.
  2. Drag the edge of the region. You can drag the start point to the right, or drag the end point to the left.

    Note: As you drag, the region is trimmed, and all subsequent regions are moved—in order to retain their relative positions. Press Option while dragging to trim a region without moving adjacent regions.

    Important: The audio material’s absolute position is shifted when you trim the start point of a region. Changing the end point of a region doesn’t affect its absolute position. Only the absolute position of the end point is changed.