Using Audio Units Effects

In addition to the included effects, you can add Audio Units format effects (available from Apple and third-party manufacturers). When adding third-party Audio Units to your computer, be sure to read the documentation, including any Read Me and installation files that came with the Audio Units effect.

Apple Audio Units effects appear in the Apple submenu of the Add Plug-in pop-up menu. Third-party Audio Units effects appear in submenus featuring the manufacturer’s name in the Add Plug-in pop-up menu.

You add Audio Units effects in the same way as the included effects, by choosing the effect name from the appropriate submenu of the Add Plug-in pop-up menu. You adjust Audio Units plug-in parameters, view plug-in windows, and delete plug-ins just as you would with the included plug-ins.

The Audio Units Manager ensures that only effects that fully comply with the Audio Units specification are used. This minimizes problems that may be caused by third-party Audio Units plug-ins when running WaveBurner.

The Audio Units Manager scans for, and runs a validation test, for all installed Audio Units plug-ins. This process takes place automatically when:

You can see the results of the scan in the Audio Units Manager.

To open the Audio Units Manager
  • Choose WaveBurner > Audio Units Manager.

The results of the scan and test are shown in the Compatibility column. Audio Units that “failed” the validation test can be enabled, but you should be aware that these effects can cause problems. Use of effects that have failed validation can negatively affect the test results of subsequently scanned Audio Units, can cause WaveBurner to quit unexpectedly, or can even lead to data loss (destroyed project files).

It is strongly recommended that you check the manufacturer’s website for updated versions of Audio Units that fail validation.

Click the Disable Failed Audio Units button to disable all plug-ins that failed validation.

You can also disable Audio Units that you don’t want to use in WaveBurner, even if they pass validation. Uncheck the corresponding checkbox in the Use column to disable any effect. You can store your choice of active Audio Units by clicking Done.

Click the Reset & Rescan Selection button to run another validation test after installing or updating Audio Units effects, or moving components in the Finder while WaveBurner or the Audio Units Manager are open.

Note: If you press Control-Shift while opening WaveBurner, AU Safe Mode is used: Only Audio Units that pass the validation test will be available; manually activated effects that failed the validation test will not be available.