Previewing Transitions

Before burning a CD, it’s advisable to preview transitions to ensure that your project is as you want it.

To preview all track transitions
  1. Open the Preview tab of the Preferences window and set the number of seconds to be played at the beginning (Pre-Roll) and end (Post-Roll) of a title.

  2. Choose Disc > Preview Disc or Command-D. The specified number of seconds at the start and end of each track on the CD will be played back, consecutively.

Note: The Disc > Preview Track command also allows you to preview the beginning and end of one or more tracks chosen in the CD Tracks list.

It is also prudent at this stage to check your project for clipping, although clipping can easily be seen in the Mix lane, where clipped sections appear in red.

To check a project for clipping
  • Choose Disc > Check Disc for Clipping.