Burning the CD

After setting preferences, disc options, and previewing transitions, you are ready to burn the project to a CD.

To burn a project to a CD
  1. Choose Disc > Burn, click the toolbar Burn button, or press Command-B.

    The Burn dialog appears, with the name of the CD burner listed in the dialog. Further information on support for CD-Text, ISRC and Indexes is also shown. If no blank CD-R is in the tray of the CD burner, the Burn dialog prompts you to insert a blank CD-R.

  2. Insert a blank CD-R in the CD burner tray, if you have not already done so.

  3. Set the Number of Copies value and choose a Write Speed from the pop-up menu.

  4. Enable the Text Only checkbox to limit the burn to text information. Enable the Underrun Protection checkbox to ensure that your CD burner buffer is activated.

  5. Enable the Write As Session checkbox if you want to create (or add to) a multi-session disc. Discs written in this way are not “closed.”

    Note: Although WaveBurner supports burning to a CD-R disc that contains multiple CDDA sessions, this does not comply with the Red Book standard. It is a convenience feature that allows you to make compilations from different sessions. If you want to create a fully compliant Red Book CD, use a blank CD-R and disable the Write As Session checkbox.

  6. Click the Burn button to start the burning process.

    The Burn dialog displays the progress of the burn process. When the burn process is complete, the CD is ejected.