Creating a CD Quickly

If time is short, or you want to compile and burn a CD with minimal effort, follow these instructions. This method uses existing audio files and default settings for pauses and crossfades.

To quickly burn a CD
  1. Open WaveBurner.

  2. Choose File > New to create a new project.

  3. Drag the audio files into the Region list or Wave View area in the order that you want them to appear on the CD.

  4. Click the Burn button on the toolbar.

    The Burn dialog, showing the name of the CD burner, appears at the top of the window. If no blank disc is in the CD burner tray, you will be prompted to insert one.

  5. Insert a blank CD-R disc, if you have not already done so.

  6. Click the Burn button in the Burn dialog.

WaveBurner will immediately begin burning (writing) your project to the blank CD. The Burn dialog shows the progress of the burn process. When the write is complete, the CD is ejected from the CD burner and is ready to play.