About WaveBurner

WaveBurner enables you to create professional-quality audio CDs in a straightforward, no-fuss way. It provides an intuitive interface that makes it easy to add and edit audio in your project. Advanced audio processing options are available through use of the Logic Studio effects plug-ins, enabling you to produce highly polished CD masters.

WaveBurner supports all Red Book options for CD audio data storage. You can add up to the maximum of 99 tracks and 99 subindexes per track allowable by the Red Book standard, include ISRC codes for each track, set copy protection and pre-emphasis flags for each track, and add UPC/EAN codes for the CD. The CD Text standard is also supported, enabling you to add text information that can be read by any CD Text-compatible player. WaveBurner also allows you to export DDP (Disc Description Protocol) files if requested by mastering facilities.