About the Export Using QuickTime Conversion Command

A QuickTime-compatible file may be any kind of media file that QuickTime supports, such as an AIFF or WAVE audio file, a graphics file or sequence of still images such as TIFF or JPEG, an AVI or MPEG-4 movie file, or even a QuickTime movie file.

Important: Like the Export QuickTime Movie command, the Export Using QuickTime Conversion command allows you to export QuickTime movie files, but in slightly different ways. If you use this command to export a QuickTime movie, be aware that this command always recompresses all video frames, even if your export settings use the same codec as your selected sequence. For information about the Recompress All Frames option, see Exporting QuickTime Movies.

What Is QuickTime and Why Do You Need to Know About It?

QuickTime is Appleā€™s multiplatform, multimedia technology for handling video, sound, animation, graphics, text, interactivity, and music. For more information, see Learning About QuickTime.