About DVD Authoring Applications

Whether you intend to use iDVD or DVD Studio Pro will affect how you export your movies from Final Cut Pro. When you are using DVD Studio Pro, Compressor can become an important part of the process.

Using iDVD

iDVD only imports standard QuickTime movies as video sources. This means that if you intend to use iDVD as your DVD authoring application, you only need to export a QuickTime movie from Final Cut Pro. iDVD automatically encodes the video and audio sources to be DVD-compliant. The video is encoded as MPEG-2 video at a quality controlled by a preference setting and the video length. The audio is encoded as an uncompressed AIFF file.

For more information, see Exporting a QuickTime Movie for DVD Use. See the iDVD documentation for information on importing the movie and adding it to your DVD.

Using DVD Studio Pro

DVD Studio Pro can import either standard QuickTime movies or DVD-compliant sources. When you import standard QuickTime movies, they are automatically encoded to be DVD-compliant. DVD Studio Pro has preferences that allow you to adjust the quality at which your video is encoded, giving you more control of your final DVD quality than iDVD provides. The audio is encoded as uncompressed PCM data. For information on exporting a QuickTime movie, see Exporting a QuickTime Movie for DVD Use.

For the most control over your final video and audio quality, you can use applications such as Compressor to encode your video and audio into DVD-compliant sources. Compressor allows you to create special DVD-compliant formats such as MPEG-1 and Dolby Digital AC-3 audio.

See the DVD Studio Pro documentation for details on supported video and audio formats and information on importing your movies.