Creating a Preset to Capture Audio Only

You can configure Final Cut Pro to capture audio from a device-controllable audio player (such as a DAT player) with timecode. This is mainly useful when capturing audio that was acquired via dual system recording, with picture and sound recorded simultaneously to two different devices. You may also need an audio-only capture preset for bringing in audio that you want to use for narration, sound effects, or ambient tracks.

Note: For more information on connecting a device-controllable audio deck to your computer, see Connecting Professional Video and Audio Equipment.

To create a device-controllable, audio-only capture preset
  1. Choose Final Cut Pro > Audio/Video Settings, then click the Capture Presets tab.

  2. Select a preset, then click Duplicate.

    Final Cut Pro automatically duplicates the selected preset and opens a new Capture Preset Editor window.

  3. In the Capture Preset Editor, adjust the following settings, then click OK.

    Figure. Capture Preset Editor showing the entries in the Name and Description fields, the Digitizer pop-up menu set to None, the Device pop-up menu set to Built-in Audio, the Input pop-up menu set to "Line in," and  the Format pop-up menu set to a specific audio configuration.
    1. If you’re synchronizing your audio deck to your computer by genlocking it to a video capture interface, choose your video capture interface from the Digitizer pop-up menu in the QuickTime Video Settings section. Otherwise, you can choose None.

    2. In the QuickTime Audio Settings section, choose an audio interface from the Device pop-up menu. The audio capture interface can be identical to your video capture interface, or you can use a different device.

    3. Choose the input on the audio interface you used to connect your audio deck from the Input pop-up menu. (Some video and audio capture interfaces have more than one set of audio inputs to choose from.)

    4. Choose an audio configuration (sample rate, bit depth, and number of channels) from the Format pop-up menu.

      If you are doing a digital transfer from your audio device to your computer, you should choose the sample rate of your audio source. If you are digitizing audio from analog inputs on your audio interface, choose a sample rate that matches the majority of the media files in your project, or the sample rate of your sequence.

For detailed information about other settings in the Capture Preset Editor, see About Capture Preset Settings.