Connecting Euphonix Control Surfaces

A control surface is a hardware device with faders, knobs, and buttons that you can use to control functions in Final Cut Studio applications, including the Final Cut Pro Audio Mixer and components of Soundtrack Pro, Motion, and Color. You can use a supported control surface to remotely control track faders, pan settings, mute and solo buttons, transport controls, color balance controls, and even parameters in Motion. Control surfaces emulate traditional audio mixing and video editing consoles, giving you tactile control over multiple controls at once.

Final Cut Pro supports two kinds of control surfaces:

Important: This section covers Euphonix control surfaces only. For information about Mackie Control protocol control surfaces, see Using a Control Surface with the Audio Mixer.

To add a connected control surface using the Euphonix control protocol
  1. Follow the instructions for software installation and equipment setup that came with your Euphonix control surface.

  2. Choose Tools > Control Surfaces.

    The Control Surface Configuration dialog appears.

  3. Choose Soundtrack Pro > Preferences, or press Command-Comma (,).

  4. Click the Control Surfaces button.

  5. Choose Euphonix from the Use pop-up menu.

  6. Click the close button to close the Preferences window.