Are You Ready to Log and Capture?

Before you log and capture your footage, go through the following list to make sure you are ready for either process.

  1. Stage 1: Creating a Project in Which to Log and Capture

    You need a project to log clips to, as well as to edit in. When you open Final Cut Pro for the first time, an untitled project is created by default, which you can rename to make your own. You can also create a new project by choosing File > New Project.

  2. Stage 2: Connecting Video and Audio Devices to Your Computer

    There should be a connection from your camcorder or VTR to your computer. For more information, see Connecting Your Camcorder or Connecting Professional Video and Audio Equipment.

  3. Stage 3: Choosing a Scratch Disk to Store Your Captured Files

    The scratch disk is a hard disk, internal or external to your computer, where Final Cut Pro stores captured media files and render files. For more information, see Specifying Scratch Disks.

  4. Stage 4: Selecting the Correct Easy Setup

    Easy Setups are software configurations based on commonly used capture, device control, and sequence settings. Choosing the proper Easy Setup automatically configures Final Cut Pro so your capture preset matches your tape format, and your device properly communicates via a device control preset. For more information, see Choosing an Easy Setup and Audio/Video Settings and Easy Setups.