Capturing Audio from an Audio Deck Using Device Control

Final Cut Pro allows you to capture audio from a device-controllable audio deck such as a professional DAT (digital audio tape) deck or a digital multitrack recorder. This is mainly useful when capturing audio that was acquired via dual system recording, in which video and audio were recorded simultaneously to different devices.

As with capturing video, your audio tapes must have timecode recorded on them or you cannot set In and Out points for capture. Audio decks may be controllable if they use one of the standard device control protocols (typically, RS-422) supported by Final Cut Pro.

If you’re planning to capture dual system audio using device control, make sure that your audio deck is genlocked with the audio or video interface you are using for capture. For more information on connecting a device-controllable audio deck to your computer, see Connecting Professional Audio Devices. For more information on capturing synchronized audio, see Capture Settings and Presets.

To capture audio from an audio-only device using device control
  1. Choose File > Log and Capture (or press Command-8), then click the Capture Settings tab.

  2. Choose the appropriate device control preset from the Device Control pop-up menu.

    This will usually be one of the serial RS-422 or RS-232 device control protocols. See the documentation that came with your audio device for information on which one to use.

    Figure. Capture Setting tab showing the Device Control pop-up menu and Capture/Input pop-up menu.
  3. Choose an audio-only capture preset from the Capture/Input pop-up menu.

    For more information about creating an audio-only capture preset, see Capture Settings and Presets.

  4. If you’re capturing audio from a device-controllable audio deck that’s genlocked to a video capture interface connected to your computer, you need to select “Sync audio capture to video source if present” in the General tab of the User Preferences window.

    For more information, see Choosing Settings and Preferences.

  5. To locate material on an audio tape to capture, use the controls in the Log and Capture window. Log clips the same way you would with any device-controllable video deck.

  6. To capture material from an audio tape, capture clips the same way you would with any device-controllable video deck.

    For more information, see Capturing Video from Tape.

  7. To stop recording, or to interrupt batch capturing using device control, press Esc.

The audio clips you captured are placed in the logging bin in the Browser.