Entering Logging Information

After you’ve mounted a volume and selected a clip in the Browse area, you can enter logging information for the selected clip.

Figure. Log and Transfer window showing the Logging area.

The Logging area of the Log and Transfer window provides logging fields for:

When you select a clip in the Browse area, Final Cut Pro automatically enters the reel name (from the Volume column) and clip name (from the Name column) in the logging fields. You can change these logging items if you want. Remember, however, that keeping reel names and volume names the same may be critical to locating source media later. So it’s recommended that you use the name as it appears in the Volume column as the reel name of your source media.

If you have already logged clips, previously entered logging information appears in the pop-up menus of each field. You can open the pop-up menus and choose the logging information you want. You can also click the Increment buttons beside a logging field to add a number to the end of the logging information. Each time you click the Increment button, the number increments by one.

Figure. Controls in the Logging area of the Log and Transfer window.

You can manually enter logging information for a selected clip, creating clip names and adding information in the logging fields as needed. You can also choose a name preset that helps you automatically compose a clip name from the logging information you enter and from the properties of the clip.

When you choose a name preset, Final Cut Pro shows you an example of the clip name that will be created for the clip.

You can use name presets to quickly log multiple clips without logging them individually. After you choose a name preset, you can drag groups of clips to the Transfer Queue and Final Cut Pro uses the name preset to apply logging information to each clip. For example, you can choose a name preset that specifies that clips receive a custom name with a counter (for example, Close Up Fountain 001). As you drag a group of clips to the Transfer Queue, Final Cut Pro applies the names Close Up Fountain 001, Close Up Fountain 002, Close Up Fountain 003, and so on, to the subsequent clips until all the clips have been named.