Choosing a Scratch Disk and Logging Bin

One of the first steps in transferring file-based media is to choose the scratch disk and logging bin where the media files and clips will be stored. The scratch disk you choose in this stage is where your digital video will be captured and edited, and where the project’s render files will be stored. The logging bin is where all the clips that are logged are stored.

To choose a scratch disk and logging bin
  1. Connect the storage device where you will be storing your project media.

    In the Finder, the storage media should be recognized and should appear on the desktop.

  2. Choose Final Cut Pro > System Settings, then click the Scratch Disks tab.

  3. Choose a scratch disk to determine where ingested media will be stored.

  4. In the Final Cut Pro Browser, choose a logging bin where ingested clips will be stored in your project.