Mounting Media Devices

A file-based media device needs to be mounted on the desktop as a media volume before you can ingest media from the device. Most media devices can be set to a special file access mode and then connected to your computer via FireWire or USB.

For details, see the documentation included with your particular media device. You can also mount disk images of media volumes.

Important: Make sure you unmount any volumes before you physically remove storage media or disconnect a media device from your computer.

To unmount a volume
Do one of the following:
  • In the Log and Transfer window, select a volume, then click the Eject button (or press Command-Option-E).

  • In the Finder, select the mounted volume, then choose File > Eject (or press Command-E).

After unmounting the volume, you can remove the storage media or disconnect the media device.

Using Folders with a Valid File-Based Media Folder Structure

The Log and Transfer window can transfer media from any folder with a valid folder structure. You can create these folders by copying them from their respective cards and devices to your hard disk.

Important: Final Cut Pro recognizes compliant folders that include the original files and folder organization. If you need to copy the entire contents of a file-based media device to a hard disk, duplicate the contents without making any changes.