Selecting Clips

You can select clips in the Browse area by clicking anywhere in the row containing the clip’s name. You can select a range of clips by clicking one clip and then Shift-clicking a second clip. Command-click clips to add them to or remove them from the current selection. You can select all clips in the Browse area by choosing Edit > Select All (or pressing Command-A). You can deselect all clips by choosing Edit > Deselect All (or pressing Command-Shift-A).

Final Cut Pro treats the selected clips in the Browse area as a continuous entity that you can navigate through using the transport controls in the Preview area. For example, if you have two clips selected in the Browse area, when the playhead reaches the end of the first selected clip, it continues playing the second clip. For more information, see Transport Controls in the Log and Transfer Window .

To select clips to preview and log
  1. Select a clip in the Browse area of the Log and Transfer window to view it in the Preview area.

  2. In the Preview area, set In and Out points to identify the media you want to transfer.

    Note: Some formats do not support setting In and Out points.

After selecting a clip you want to transfer, you can preview it and add a variety of logging information, including reel, shot/take and angle information, log notes, and markers.