Sorting Items in the Browser Using Column Headings

Clicking column headings in the Browser allows you to sort items by any property displayed in list view, such as Name, Reel, Label, Timecode, and so on. By default, items are sorted by Name. In addition to the primary sorting property, secondary, tertiary, and further sorting refinements can be made by Shift-clicking a column heading.

To sort items in the Browser
  1. Make sure you are in list view by Control-clicking in the Browser and choosing View as List from the shortcut menu.

  2. Click a column heading to sort by it.

    Figure. Browser window showing a black arrow indicating a primary sort column and sort order.

    The heading of the primary sort column contains an arrow whose direction indicates the sort order—down for ascending (0-9, A-Z) and up for descending (Z-A, 9-0).

  3. To switch between descending and ascending sort order, click the column heading.

  4. To sort by secondary columns, Shift-click an additional column heading.

    Figure. Browser window showing a light gray arrow indicating a secondary sort column.
  5. To switch between descending and ascending sort order in the secondary columns, click the arrow.

    If you inadvertently select the wrong secondary column or too many secondary columns, you can clear all secondary sort columns by choosing a new primary sort column, and then selecting any secondary sort columns.

  6. To sort by tertiary columns, you can Shift-click another column heading.

You can continue to refine your sort by Shift-clicking additional column headings.