Creating Merged Clips from the Timeline

You can also create merged clips by dragging a group of linked clip items from the Timeline to the Browser. This can be useful if you want to synchronize a group of audio and video clips visually, changing their sync relationship and duration using the various editing tools available in the Timeline. Viewing each clip item’s timecode in the Canvas timecode overlays can also be helpful for synchronizing items.

To create a merged clip from two or more clips in the Timeline
  1. In the Timeline, edit the clip items you want to merge into a sequence so that they overlap.

    Use the Selection, Ripple Edit, and Slip tools to line them up in the sync relationship you want.

    Figure. Timeline window showing merged clips in a sync relationship.
  2. Using the Selection tool, select all the clip items you’ve lined up.

  3. Choose Modify > Link (or press Command-L) to link the clip items together.

    Figure. Timeline window showing selected clips linked together.
  4. Drag the linked clip items from the Timeline to the Browser.

    Figure. Browser window showing a new merged clip.

A new merged clip appears in the Browser, named after the topmost video or audio item in the Timeline.

Note: If you do not link the clip items you want to merge before you drag them into the Browser, each item is individually placed in the Browser.